Friday, January 29, 2010

Lest We Forget

Here at RAWRCATZRAWR! we refuse to let our seniors go off into the night. We celebrate not only their ability to move on to more profitable endeavors, but fight for their right to party.

In this vein, news from the Senior Bowl has been incredibly optimistic for outgoing world-beater Taylor Price. ESPN's ever smug and supple Todd McShay praised the burgeoning draft hero in a quick segment.

Check the one minute mark. "Real Deal?" No, more like "Savaging Your Cornerbacks On The Way To The Endzone... Deal."

That's how RAWRCATZ! get it done at the Senior Bowl.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


From the ashes RAWRCATZRAWR springs forth.

Sorry for the slacking, lack of news mixed with the ever burdensome graduate school makes posting a light affair. RAWRCATZRAWR will try its best to continue to fight for all that is Ohio University RAWRCATZ! Football.

So, to get back into the spirit, IT IS POSTING TIME!

1. The Marching 110 performed at the Rose Parade, which is no Detroit, but Pasadena was much nicer to us than Detroit this year, so let's get with the posting.

The Marching 110 is undefeated in its fight against all things that march and suck. Now if only we could get some of these dancers:

That's the Hampton University Ebony Fire, FTW. POW POW POW POW GET IT GET IT!

2. Adam Olesheski and Fort Knox Money Matt Weller are All-MAC Academics. RAWRCATZ! getting their knowledge on is even more important than getting their game on. Remember that junior RAWRCATZ!, academics is huge in these parts.

3. Thad Turner participated in the Shrine Bowl this past weekend, and Taylor Price will represent the RAWRCATZ! in the Senior Bowl on January 30th. Congrats to two seniors who not only embody the spirit of the RAWRCATZ, but have a chance to play at the next level.

4. Speaking of the next level, next Wednesday is national signing day for high school recruits. If you are interested in hearing about the next great class of the Solich Death Squad then you can head over to the Peden Stadium tower of power and get some analysis by the coaches on who the next fine young men to play for the greatest team in the state of Ohio will be.

5. We will be giving a slight profile of our recruiting class as it is announced next week.

And finally, a special thanks to the gentlemen over at MGoBlog for the link in today's recruiting post. Thankfully we don't have the rivalry that that other team in Ohio has with them, so we can enjoy their prose without looks of scorn coming from our friends and relatives. It isn't like they are RedHawks or anything. RedHawks are dirty, dirty creatures. They live in caves and eat the souls of rabbits. How is that a lifestyle that you'd want to lead?

That's all from us for now, but we promise to be more active, and as always KEEP RAWRing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RAWRCATZ Takes On: Villains

In the opinion of RAWRCATZRAWR Tennessee just dodged a bullet. Lane Kiffin just saved them from having to fire the desolate wasteland that resides between his ears after going 5-7 next year.

RAWRCATZRAWR would definitely like some of those Orange Pride girls though.

This is why you hire someone like King Solich. Because loyalty flows through his veins. Not cowardice and greed.

Enjoy your purgatorial marriage Southern Cal, you've had this coming for a long, long time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post Season RAWRCATZ Brou-ha-ha

Some end of the season loveliness that we missed.

Congrats to the All-MAC RAWRCATZ!

First team:
Placekicker: Fort Knox Money Matt Weller
OLB: Lee Renfro
Kickoff Returner: Chris Garrett

Second Team:
WR: Taylor Price
WR: LaVon Brazill
ILB: Noah Keller
DB: Thad Turner
Punt Returner LaVon Brazill

Third Team:
OL: Joe Flading
OL: Chris Rogers
DL: Ernie Hodge
DB: Gerald Moore

In addition to these some RAWRCATZ! received some national attention:

Freshman All-American 2nd team - Matt Weller (
Freshman All-American 3rd team - Matt Weller (Phil Steele)
All-American 2nd Team Punt Returner - LaVon Brazill (Sporting News)
Freshman All-American - Gerald Moore (Sporting News)
Honorable Mention All-American - Noah Keller (Sports Illustrated)

And finally, which should come as no shock to anyone, in the world, ever:
Frank Solich - MAC Coach of the Year (Phil Steele)

This Phil Steele guy obviously knows who wears the pants in these parts.

Once again, congrats to all of the RAWRCATZ! who won awards after a fine season. Although, honestly, Noah Keller has 138 tackles and only gets an honorable mention? What's a RAWRCAT gotta do to get some love?