Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post Season RAWRCATZ Brou-ha-ha

Some end of the season loveliness that we missed.

Congrats to the All-MAC RAWRCATZ!

First team:
Placekicker: Fort Knox Money Matt Weller
OLB: Lee Renfro
Kickoff Returner: Chris Garrett

Second Team:
WR: Taylor Price
WR: LaVon Brazill
ILB: Noah Keller
DB: Thad Turner
Punt Returner LaVon Brazill

Third Team:
OL: Joe Flading
OL: Chris Rogers
DL: Ernie Hodge
DB: Gerald Moore

In addition to these some RAWRCATZ! received some national attention:

Freshman All-American 2nd team - Matt Weller (
Freshman All-American 3rd team - Matt Weller (Phil Steele)
All-American 2nd Team Punt Returner - LaVon Brazill (Sporting News)
Freshman All-American - Gerald Moore (Sporting News)
Honorable Mention All-American - Noah Keller (Sports Illustrated)

And finally, which should come as no shock to anyone, in the world, ever:
Frank Solich - MAC Coach of the Year (Phil Steele)

This Phil Steele guy obviously knows who wears the pants in these parts.

Once again, congrats to all of the RAWRCATZ! who won awards after a fine season. Although, honestly, Noah Keller has 138 tackles and only gets an honorable mention? What's a RAWRCAT gotta do to get some love?

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