Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a Thunder in our Hearts, and our Moves are Like Lightning

It's the power we feel when we get our taste of the glory.

Last year RAWRCATZRAWR! took you on a Homerian journey through the landscapes of MACland. Wherever RAWRCATZ! were RAWRing, we were there. Through the long and arduous winter known as the offseason your humble (and ultimately quite timid) narrator sought refuge in the comfortless comforts of academia. Attacked by Chinese spambots RAWRCATZRAWR! soldiered on, never wavering in its confidence that one day, I would return. And though it does not need me to retain its brilliance, I return once more to the base of the mountain that is RAWRCATZ! glory, with tales yet to be told, and a season of memories to incorporate into the annals of glorious e-time. So, brave RAWRCATZ! of Athens, please allow me to once more establish myself in your presence. Let the sun shine on your field of gilded artificial turf, and let RAWRCATZRAWR! be your home on the internet.

The Frank-Train is coming. Time to lay the tracks.

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