Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fire Down Below: A Mt. Pleasant Story

Central Michigan University is located in the most ironically named city in the world. Mt. Pleasant. If you've ever been there you will know that it is neither a Mount, nor pleasant. In fact, it is shitty. They've got a cool liquor store, and a La Seniorita's, but that's about it. And while we here at RAWRCATZRAWR! would much rather spend the night in Mt. Pleasant over Kalamazoo (just so we can weigh in on that debate) the town smells like port-a-potty and we don't like it.

But, perhaps we as RAWRCATZ! are blinded to the jewels of other cities. After all, we hail from Athens. A city of light, and culture, and RAWRing. Athens is about as blissful a city as one can come across.
Look at that sky? Beautiful. Athens has it all, and by all, we mean Frank Solich. Frank makes everything wonderful. He also leads RAWRCATZ! to victory. Friday will be no different. RAWRCATZRAWR! wants to make it perfectly clear, we aren't expecting annihilation. Although after the Temple game it looks like it is possible, we are simply rooting for a thrilling football game that concludes with the RAWRCATZ! marching triumphantly across the fieldturf clothed surface of Ford Field.

This one is for Athens, it is for RAWRCATZ! and it is for the death of the Chippewa dynasty.

RAWRCATZRAWR! says let's start the Solich Dynasty, and let it reign for a thousand years.

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bugle said...

You forgot CASINO!