Friday, December 4, 2009

The Wounding

I had a dream. Fort Knox Money, recovering from a disastrous output against Temple drives home a 43 yard field goal with no time left. Gatorade is spilled on King Solich and the perpetrators instantly regret it. Theo Scott climbs into the stands to hug his mother. Like they do in Europe the players trade jerseys. LaVon Brazill gets LeFevours and waves it in the air like he just don't care. It is unfortunate, the lives we lose while dedicating them to sports. My heart beats about 39 beats per minute slower this night. What once was bold and glorious is now a little less luminous. We'll cover it with tinsel in the coming months and tell people it is just as good, but we'll know.

On the flip side we have reason to smile. The RAWRCATZ! made it to the MAC Championship for the 2 time in 4 years. They played their hearts out and as fans and observers we should thank them. Every year under Frank Solich is a year that we should be thankful for. To think of the years we spent lost in the forest before his arrival is to shiver with an everlasting chill in our hearts. So now we will heal, we will move on, and we will await our sacred bowl game where once again our RAWRCATZ! can go RAWRing. It was beautiful and brilliant and I'll miss the warmth it gave me. But memories, like Frank Solich, never die.

Thank you RAWRCATZ! With one more game to go we can already say: It has been a season to remember.

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