Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Did something happen this weekend? No, didn't think so. In fact, I'd like to think that this weekend merely existed so that we could remember the events of September 11th. Instead, the weekend served to remind us that even RAWRCATZ! are not invincible. In fact, they are quite vulnerable to the lamest of attacks. The Rockettes, with their V-2 barrage, were able to sustain an attack that while not as devastating to the streets of Athens as Nazi Germany was to London, unlike the Londoners, our RAWRCATZ! offensive could not defeat the terror weapons of Toledo.

But we can't linger on the past. We have work to do, son.

Coming soon to a horseshoe near you: RAWRCATZ!

Let's get some basic items out of the way first.

1. RAWRCATZ! do not hate the Buckeyes as much as they do the lowly Redhawks. In fact, we just think they're smelly.

2. Rufus, owns Brutus (more on this throughout the week).

3. The Marching 110, while not as well-known or poop flavored as the Best Damn Band in the Land, can throw down with the best of them.

And that's the perfect segue for this week. The Uprising is upon us.

This week the RAWRCATZ! toss aside the losses of yesterweekend and yesteryear. This week we show the greater Columbus area that Athens is a town to be reckoned with. This week we go RAWRing.

Enough of this Buckeye State garbage. It is time for a state of RAWRCATZ!

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