Saturday, September 11, 2010

RAWRCATZ! v Toledo

So, you want a MAC game? After the scrimmage against Wofford you have to think that the RAWRCATZ! are ready to curb stomp their way through a Toledo team that is very good at just that, getting curb stomped. Last week Toledo put up the 2 spot on a tough, but decidedly not RAWRCATZian Arizona team. Is it possible that they have enough rocket fuel to power past our mighty green and white clad world beaters?

No. They do not.

I am Mitch Albom.

These lines are important.

Tuesdays With Morrie.


Sorry for the shortness of this preview, but this is going to be murder.

ToLOLedo Rockettes


You can only go up... right?
The game is in Ohio, so they are closer to home than in the desert.
Hey, they got that safety last week.


The offense
The defense
Rufus v a Rockette? Give me some Rufus.

As you can see, we here at RAWRCATZRAWR! don't believe in any hype that the Rockettes were slumping last weekend. We believe that Arizona is pretty overrated and will show that during the Pac 10 schedule. RAWRCATZ!, however, are never overrated. They are the best football team in the state of Ohio, and today is only the beginning.

Toledo, get some.

RAWRCATZ! - 35 Rockettes - 3

Boom goes the dynamite.

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