Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seasonal Allergies

As the season steadily approaches next week (I'm not counting Wofford and neither should you) RAWRCATZRAWR! wants to bring you some in depth coverage of your conquering RAWRCATZ! Unfortunately, we are bloggers, thus, we sleep in our parent's basement. In my case, it is a horrible, dingy, and mouse-infested place in which no real sleep is ever attained. I am stealing the internet from my neighbors because my family is secretly Amish and hates me for my use of technology. "But for RAWRCATZ!" I say to my father. He hits me with a horseshoe.

Thankfully, intrepid people over at BobcatAttack have been doing some nice legwork for you RAWRCATZ! out there. Here is an interview with RAWRCATZRAWR! favorite LaVon Brazill:

LaVon, may you RAWR into the sunset with some shiny hardware. A MAC Championship, perhaps. There are plenty more videos on their YouTube channel as well as on their website. Take a look, create a profile, and endear yourselves to fellow RAWRCATZ! from across the globe. Even if they prefer the less terrorizing "Bobcat" moniker, which even when in all-caps is far from terrifying.

On to other pressing news, if you want to see the scrimmage this weekend against Woofford (see what I did there? They're the Terriers...) then your best bet is to head to Peden. Why wouldn't you be there anyways? I'll be there. Look for the goofy looking kid wearing a shirt that says "We are RAWRing" and give me a high-five. We should bring back the high-five, that and Marxism. Frankism. Solichism... yes, Solichism it is. ERECT THE BRONZE STATUE IN THE PLAZA ALREADY!

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