Monday, September 20, 2010

RAWRcap: Ohio State

Well, that was fun. Right? Wrong.

So we stumble forward with some new knowledge.

Boo Jackson + Phil Bates =/= Theo Scott

LaVon Brazill - Taylor Price = Tough Coverage

There are some positives to take out of the weekend. Our defense only allowed 158 yards on 41 carries. That's a lot of yardage, but only 3.9 yards a pop, well below OSU's average for the year. The offense is clearly going to struggle to put up points, but after three weeks the defense has some metal in its spine after all.

Ohio State has put the wood to three teams so far this year, and we won't be the last, but we stood tough, showed our teeth, and looked good doing it. A sad day indeed, but we will march on for Old Ohio, that's all we can do.

P.S. - He who played Rufus shouldn't have been removed from his role, he should be given a medal. That was a mauling Brutus will never forget.

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