Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Husky Hate Week: Day 3

If you missed the first two installments in Husky Hate Week see below or click here and here.

Online Host : ***Welcome to NORTHERN ILLINOIS PEP SQUAD Chat***

LiberalArtsGueer: Alright guys, we need to do something big for the Huskies game against Ohio this week.

KillerQueen: How about a get together of some of the school’s greatest alumni?That would would really fire the team up.

LiberalArtsGueer: That’s a fantastic idea, corch Kill! Let’s just make a list of some of the most famous Huskies alumni… aside from me, of course.

KillerQueen: I thought you were an 11 year old girl who wandered in here by accident.

LiberalArtsGueer: What? No! I’m renowned liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas.

KillerQueen: Markie Post?

LiberalArtsGueer: No! Haven’t you ever heard of the Daily Kos?

KillerQueen: Oh man, I loved Ghost Dad.

LiberalArtsGueer: *sigh* Anyway, this alumni list is pretty bleak… an unfortunately named pro wrestler, an unfortunately named actor… ooo! Davy Jone… oh not that Davy Jones :(

KillerQueen: Let’s just invite Markie Post

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