Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So that was fun wasn't it? One more game to go, and let's face it, Temple isn't going to know what hit them. So a quick recap is in order.

So we knew Chandler Harnish could through the ball. And he did, right to Julian Posey. Harnish gave him the ammunition, but Posey's the one who fired the shots. A spectacular return for a TD that eventually sealed the deal on what was a close and hard fought game.

Theo Scott put together what could be the best game of his career. He was consistent and accurate, which is all we are expecting of him. The three TD passes don't come as a shock, but are simply an added bonus.

Matt Weller - a.k.a. Fort Knox Money was sound again. With the exception of the Cal Poly game this kid has been prolific. And we get him for 3 more years. That's like angels singing in the ears of Solich. Then again, they do that often.

Finally, RAWRCATZ! of the game - LaVon Brazill. The man with the exotic name comes up swinging and doesn't back down. Final statline: 1 rush for 11 yards. 5 rec. for 55 yards and 2 scores. 1/1 passing for 6 yards and a 91 yard punt return for a RAWRCATZ! TOUCHDOWN. Rumor has it that Frank Solich's words of advice were simply for LaVon to "get some." And some was gotten.

So with that we are 8-3, 6-1 and one game away from the MAC East title, and a Detroit showdown with CMU. If you think, for one second, that Frank isn't going to have this team firing on all cylinders for the Owls, then you'd be mistaken. And by mistaken, I mean dead. Frank knows where you live. He knows where everyone lives.

So before we turn our attention to Temple, who shall get their just deserts, we've got one last piece for Husky Hate Week '09. This one comes to you straight from gchat.

Brodie - Did you hear that Joe Novak read Bo Schembechler's first book, stole everything in it, and then sat at NIU for the rest of his life?
Rawr Catz - No, I didn't hear that.
Brodie - True story.
Rawr Catz - Well now Bo is banging Natalie Wood in the afterlife and Joe Novak is wondering how much mansauce he can dump in Jerry Kill's pedostache.
Brodie - Natalie Wood and Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur... yum.

Yeah, this just got personal.

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