Monday, November 30, 2009


And in the end, there were the RAWRCATZ! standing steadfast against the breeze. The owl, now slain, lay flaccid, a carcass and nothing more.

Yeah, we get deep here. RAWRCATZ! can run however they want.

So the game became a laugher. Theo Scott played out of his mind, and the stingy RAWRCATZ! defense stood up to all the failing and falling owls could muster. If you had turned in a script about a football movie and this was the climax I would have returned it because there was no drama. If you had said, "Hey RAWRCATZRAWR! Solich and co. are going to dirty work Temple." I would have replied, "I want your sex," and shimmied to the left. We are RAWRCATZ! after all. And from time to time, we like to get down.

Some notes:

Theo Scott impresses us at RAWRCATZRAWR! more and more every week. Normally he is competent, accurate, and doesn't do enough stupid things to let the big plays work their magic. This week he WAS the big play. I don't if this can be said enough. He was dynamite. And by dynamite I mean, "BOOM THEO'D!"

Injuries. There were a truckload of them. None more serious than the status of LaVon Brazill and Theo Scott. Without those two the Chips present a much more formidable foe than before. The key will be getting these kids healthy before Saturday.

Matt Weller: RAWRCATZRAWR! has been singing his praises since day one, but he had an off game versus the Owls. We know he'll be called upon versus Central Michigan, he needs to bring that Fort Knox Money stylings that we've grown to expect. But don't worry, we're still fans.

Onward to Detroit RAWRCATZ! The jewel of the Midwest awaits your sultry snarl and your punishing claws of victory.

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