Friday, November 20, 2009

RAWRCATZ vs Northern Illinois

Tomorrow, in the glorious confines of Peden Stadium, we go to battle against a foe not unlike ourselves. NIU has the same conference record, the same overall record, both teams are tied for 8th in the nation in turnover margin. As enemy mouthpiece Red and Black Attack put it, it's like looking into a mirror.

But don't let these superficial similarities fool you, NIU is nothing like our beloved RAWRCATZ. They hail from the barren wasteland that is the MAC East, they've played a paper thin schedule that Sagarin has decided is 131st in the country... and there are only 119 teams. They tout some impressive statistics, but you'll excuse me for not being impressed by their body of work against the likes of Eastern Michigan, Western Illinois and Toledo.

NIU comes into the game after a close call against Ball State. We've been there. But nevertheless, it was an ugly game against a school who has only managed to best one team all season. The Husky defense apparently decided to take the first half off and the offense struggled in a sluggish affair. An ill-timed onside kick almost cost them dearly. Don't look for these trends to repeat themselves, though... NIU needs this game to stay in the MAC title hunt. Too bad we need it more.

NIU Huskies:


-Coach has one of the coolest last names in the business
-Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, is an alumnus
-Getting out of the hellish apocalypse of a city that is DeKalb should improve morale
-It's finals week :(


-Coach has a pedo mustache
-The Marching 110 will destroy any hope they may have inside themselves
-Products of puppy mills


NIU is coming into Athens at just the right time as most of the student body will be gone after finals week. But that's all meaningless when you have the Marching 110 and FRANK SOLICH on the sidelines. Two of NIU's three losses have been on the road, and Jerry Kill can't afford to make any mistakes when going up against one of the best minds in the game. We're not Ball State, we will pounce on them and make them pay.

Predicted Outcome:

Look at that jackass. Look at him. Do you think he can run with Solich? If you do you're either high or an NIU fan, in which case I'm sorry for your lots. This is going to be a tight game, to be certain. But I think the home field advantage combined with superior coaching will be the difference. On we shall march to Temple.

RAWRCATZ - 20 The Killers - 17

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