Friday, November 13, 2009

RAWRCATZ! Across America

These days the RAWRCATZ are RAWRing everywhere. From Galveston to Athens we can hear the mighty RAWR echo across the hills and plains of America. This picture was sent to us by a loyal reader from Chicago's Crossroads Bar and Grill. Which I hear serves fried Husky with an extra side of whimper.

For all of you fellow RAWRCATZ! out there on this lovely planet we call home, if you've got any great RAWRCATZ! pictures send them to rawrcatzrawr at gmail dot com and we'll post them.

For those who missed it, the RAWRCATZ extinguished the glittering flame of bowl eligibility for Buffalo on Tuesday. Unfortunately, since we played early in the week we have no game to talk about for Saturday. Rest assured that the RAWRCATZ will not sleep on the rest of this week. Sure they might take a day off to ruminate on the glorious satisfaction that was the Buffalo Beatdown, and hell, they probably stopped and got some hot wings, but their eyes and claws will be as sharp as ever come next Saturday when the Huskies come to town. And be certain, RAWRCATZRAWR! will bring you the full report.

By the cane of John C. Baker, we prowl onward!

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